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David Bernholdt

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Distinguished R&D Staff Member
David Bernholdt is a Distinguished R&D Staff Member at Oak Ridge
National Laboratory.  He is Group Leader for the Computer Science
Research Group in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division as
well as the lead for Programming Environment and Tools for the Oak
Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF).  His research interests
are in programming environments for high-performance scientific
computing, broadly interpreted.  This includes programming languages
and programming models, resilience, frameworks, and the "engineering
of scientific software".  Although his research is now in computer
science, David's formal training and early research was in computational
chemistry, and he continues to motivate his work through close
interactions with scientific applications in a variety of domains,
including fusion, nuclear engineering, climate modeling, and chemistry.
David's group spans a broad range, including program translation (i.e.
compilers, source code analysis and transformation, and runtime
systems), tools (i.e. debuggers, performance, and other tools), system
software (i.e. operating systems, scheduling, file systems, and
resilience), and work on computer science issues arising in scientific