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Earl Joseph II

Program Vice President and Executive Director HPC User Forum

Earl Joseph, Research Vice President of IDC's High-Performance Systems, drives research and consulting efforts associated with the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific markets for technical servers and supercomputers. Dr. Joseph advises IDC clients on the competitive, managerial, technological, integration and implementation issues for technical servers. Dr. Joseph is also heading up IDC's high-end HPC user forum activities.  Dr. Joseph's areas of expertise include technical computers from entry-level servers to high-end capability supercomputers, software, storage and networking solutions for technical computing. He has worked for four technical computing companies in multiple marketing and R&D roles. Dr. Joseph has a strong background in computer technologies and future directions in technical computing. Prior to joining IDC, Dr. Joseph spent his 17-year career in IT in the HPC market space, most recently at SGI and Cray Research. Dr. Joseph has worked closely with the leading HPC users around the world on their current and future market requirements. Dr. Joseph holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota where his research focus was the strategic management of high technology firms, and an undergraduate degree in business and technology from the University of Minnesota.